Reflections – SRRFM 61

Replica of Qing Era coins

The first time for me to attend the Singapore Really Really Free Market that is held at GUI, the Ground-Up Initiative. The little hot afternoon did not stop a good crowd from attending the SRRFM. It was not my first time offering Liu Yao Divination (六爻卦) in SRRFM. The first time I had offered Liu Yao Divination should be some time in 2015. I was not as proficient as I thought during reading which I “surrendered” and switched back to Tarot during one of the SRRFM in 2015.

The cumulation of studying different Chinese metaphysics subjects in the last few years has helped me to have my little breakthrough in understanding Liu Yao Divination. Hence the bold decision I had to offer it during the recent SRRFM. I am glad to make that call and am happy that I did not “surrender” this time. I enjoyed the dynamics and the overall interactions with the querents who have sought me during the session.

A querent asking about his wealth, mainly any windfall for the rest of 2019

A typical Liu Yao Divination chart looks like this. It has a set of rules and principles to follow for the purpose of reading, verifying the relevancy and mapping to possible period of time to improve one’s situation, if possible.

I am also happy that I brought a friend whom I find him quite an adept in Qi Men Dun Jia (奇門遁甲). It should be the first time for my friend to read publicly in an event setting. In Singapore, Qi Men Dun Jia is better known than Liu Yao Divination. This can be due to a variety of reasons which I will talk about it next time.

I look forward to be an adept in Liu Yao Divination. Very likely I will be offering the next SRRFM.