Yes! The last blog for 2019 and there is so many things that I would have wanted to say! I hope you and I can learn something through my reflections for the year!

Turning Professional

I guess there is always a debate over the term “professional” used in metaphysics industry. Some would argue that ‘professional’ means achieving a certain level of proficient in a particular skill while others would argue it means doing it full time and/or making a living out of it.

I agree with both because I am both. 

So I am a full time metaphysics consultant, erm, fortune teller for coming to a year. And I have learned the following:

1. No paying clients will come to you with no problems. Therefore, as a skilled fortune teller, I will need to have the skills and experience to give the most sound advice after a consultation. As I have told some clients that they may not see the projected outcome as exactly what they have planned but I do hope there are valuable takeaways from our conversations.

2. Marketing is needed despite being skilled! In a small country with all sorts of practitioners out there, marketing becomes an essential skill! But it can still prove to be difficult for me to stand out in the era of instant gratification because I do not oversell and over promise. My various social media platforms will be updated frequently with interesting and helpful contents.

3. Continual learning is the way to go! There are practitioners who claim that their methods and approaches are the only correct way. I do not profess to be such a know-it-all, my-way-or-highway Master. I can proudly say that what I have to offer are proficient and applicable in modern day living. But all techniques that I am offering do and can have other and more profound methods and approaches. I am pursuing some of these at this time and picking up new techniques as well!

4. It will be wonderful if I can have my own work space! This is because I will be able to have full control of time and usage of the work space! Not only would I hope to have a work space for consultations, it can be a focused space for me to work on my overdue writings (which I will touch about later), to practice and facilitate energy healing work and/or meditation, and performing rituals.

Reading Law

I have mentioned in an IG post that I am reading law. Conditions are as such that I will not be continuing this journey. It was a good experience to understand how the institution works and my own learning habits. 

Overdue Writings

This refers to my other blogs: Varadashrine, Hokekyo Jujikai and Ming Martial Arts. I may have a lot of opinions and insights in many things but I am not a natural in penning them down. I strongly feel  that penning opinions and insights down is a good way to archive and organise thoughts better. Never mind I will get overwhelmed by other similar writings online but I can hope my digital footprints can find their way to people who can appreciate and make good out of them can’t I?


Other than being a Professional Feng Shui Practitioner and Fortune Teller, there are other modalities that I would like to step my foot in. You may get a whiff from the earlier paragraph and that they are energy healing and rituals. 

Martial Arts

No, I cannot do MMA and other fight-sports. I am not that fit and strong. However, I will be revisiting many fundamental practices to strengthen my constitution. I am really inspired to do this because I have recently discovered that a certain standing meditation actually helps relieving a back pain that I am suffering for a while.

I look forward that my reflections for this year will not stay the same come the last day of next year.

I also hope that you find your own goals for the coming year!