COVID-19 and Fortune

This is not your typical Fortune Telling or Feng Shui posts that is going to tell you to take care of the south sector in your house. There are already quite a few posts that can be found online related to this. But I am going to give my opinion from other Fortune Telling perspective.

The Overall View

The COVID-19 outbreak happened unfortunately since late December till now, that was the period of time right before the Chinese New Year. It slowly crept into our sunny island-country in the middle of the Chinese festivities. Before the official name is decided by the World Health Organisation, a lot of stigmatization done by some media was applied against the (ironically) Chinese due to the origin of the outbreak.

Should you be worried?

I think it is no-brainer that no one likes to catch a disease that has no real cure yet. Therefore, it is important that we learn about this disease as best as possible for reliable sources. We also have to practice personal hygiene as best as we can at all times possible especially when we are out in the public.

Does having good fortune mean it is less likely for you to catch it?

If you are considering from the pure concept of luck, yes, you are right. Bad things that have impact generally do not happen to someone that is having good luck. But does that mean you should be complacent?

Not at all. Remember the good old idiom – do not push your luck.

On the contrary, does that mean you are likely to catch the disease if you are running bad luck? Again, from the pure concept of luck plus old school Fortune Tellers who believe in fatalism, the answer will be yes. But does that mean you are doom for sure?

Not at all as well. There are two reasons.

The first reason being I belong to the standpoint that human effort can effect some changes on one’s fortune. Therefore, if you are running bad luck, put more effort to be diligent in practicing the best personal hygiene to protect yourself.

The second reason is although there are no specific vaccine or cure for COVID-19, the recovery rate is visibly raising. The death rate for COVID-19 is far less than SARS and MERS and is compared with the range of influenza.

So it is not the end of the world should you catch this disease under any unfortunate circumstances. Maintain a positive attitude to respect your body and follow the doctors’ advice.

Should you put on a mask all the time?

Singapore is a very blessed place. Tropical countries like us suffer less deadly influenza strains like the ones found in America and Taiwan. I now understand why Taiwanese put on masks especially when the weather turns cold. They do this is protect themselves from catching the influenza.

In Singapore, because we do not have cold/winter season, we do not have practices of putting on masks. Therefore, putting on mask can attract odd stares from other commuters. And you may just increase your chances to be checked by the MRT staff and/or the police that is patrolling our trains and train stations!

However, if you think it is necessary to put on a mask when you are out in the public, please do so. Also remember to practice other public hygiene as well like washing/sanitize your hands regularly and properly. The mask alone is not going to improve your protection if you have dirty hands!

The “Generalized” Feng Shui Masters

I am quite sure there are some Feng Shui Masters who gave annual Feng Shui talks and said things like there would be chaos in this Geng Zi Year 庚子年. To them, they would have in a way hit the jackpot because the outbreak can be capitalized by them. If you do believe such Feng Shui Masters, ask them next time to be more specific in their annual predictions and perhaps also write to the relevant authorities so that the governments in the world can be better prepared?

Last but not least…

Stay safe, be properly educated and respect your body by taking good care of yourselves!