Reflections – SRRFM 60

The first time for me to take part in the Singapore Really Really Free Market that took place in the morning. It was held as a program with the No Car Sunday. Crowd came in slow but eventually there was a queue. I brought the Happy Tarot along and using it for reading for the first time. Needless to say the overly sweet illustrations quickly won smiles on many querents who also enquired about this deck. I took note that the 3 cards showed in the photo appeared the most during my readings. If I recalled correctly, the one appeared the most time would be the Page of Wands, then Queen of Cups and 9 of Cups. As a reader at an event, I sometimes see cards that kept occurring are also omens meant for me.

If I were to use the “happiness shortcut” from the little white book of the Happy Tarot, these 3 cards will be read as you can find happiness by being helpful, you can find happiness by trusting your emotions and you can find happiness by visualizing your bliss.

Thanks Happy Tarot, your advice came in timely.

Near to the end of my reading for the morning, there was a couple of young girls came to me saying to do a short interview using video. I agreed and took the interview. I got one of the girls’ name but it slipped my mind to ask them where and when is the video going to be published. The SRRFM organisers have no idea who are they as well. The young girl that interviewed me asked four questions and I still remember the last one being, along the line of, giving free readings (at SRRFM) helps build (paying) clients. I replied no and my leads come from other sources.

Because this is true.

If giving free readings at SRRFM do generate paying clients, I would have really be able to become a full time reader earlier. On hindsight, I wonder what made the girl asked that question. Was she being skeptical to see people providing free service with no tangible returns? There were other Tarot readers that participated in SRRFM during these years. I do not know what made them join. I think some only came one or two times and I am the only one still hanging around (less the hiatus I had in some parts of 2017 and 2018). This led me to think that as a full time metaphysics consultant now, is it silly of me to spend time at the event that had nurtured me?

This reminds me of an interview I had during SRRFM 38 on 26 Sep 2015. It was meant for a documentary series This is Singapore 从 “新”发现. The episode that featured SRRFM came out in early Jan 2016. You can go to this link and our feature starts from 18min 33sec. The interview was in Mandarin.

Enjoy while it lasts.