My name is Ser Ming and I extend my warm welcome to you for visiting my humble online abode.

I am a professional Geomancy and Divination practitioner who is based in Singapore. MingReads started due to my curiosity in Tarot way back in 2008. The defunct Food#03 and Singapore Really Really Free Market, that is still running, had provided me the space to grow my reading skills.

I started providing services to the public with a vision of to help people to evaluate their life trends for optimal living. Other than providing personal consultations, I have been active in reading at corporate and public eventsOver the years, I have followed my passion in metaphysics and have been learning and mastering subjects other than Tarot.

You can read this post that shares my learning journey in my first ten years.

Over these many years, my vision has evolved too. I am seeing myself heading towards a different direction and different approach in providing metaphysics solutions.  This gives birth to my new initiative, the Abode of Light.

My services can be found in my new online abode.

MingReads will still be around for me to pen down my musings in the subject of metaphysics.

I also write at Varada Shrine that shares my perspective on the Mahayana from a contemporary perspective, Hokekyo Jujikai that shares the teachings and spiritual living of the Lotus Sutra and Ming Martial Arts that jots down my thoughts on martial arts in the modern day application.

You can reach me easier via whatsapp than email.