Clear, Bright and Fortune

Today is a seasonal marker on the Chinese calendar, Qingming 清明, more popular known and celebrated by the Chinese as Qingming Festival. It is an important period of time for Chinese to perform ancestor-worship. In their Chinese characters, Qing 清 means clean and Ming 明 means bright. As a seasonal marker, it is to describe the air to be clear and good quality.

So how can Clear and Bright help us in our Fortune? I have some realisation during this period as I observed how the outbreak of the Covid-19 developed.


There are many disinformation, fear-mongering and racist comments and information that are going around. Spreading fake news, which is spreading falsehood, definitely is setting yourself up for your own misfortune. This is because we should value truth and not aiding the growth of disinformation in such time of crisis. Some people spread fear-mongering because they enjoy seeing chaos, some thought it is for fun to be a troll. Either way, spreading fear-mongering is also setting yourself up for misfortune. This is because we should value peace and not aiding the growth of causing fear among people. The consequence of spreading a racist comment is a no-brainer. If you need me to explain, then I think you are not even qualified to have your fortune read in the first place.

Hence, the contents that we share with others should be clear and pure, free from disinformation, fear-mongering and racist comments.


Be a Light to others. What is Light? Light can mean many different things to different people across cultures and beliefs. In times like this, be the one that shares the right information, be the one that lends a hand to another if you are able to, and if you are strong enough, stand up against the chaos that opportunists are eyeing for.

Good Fortune

Good fortune in this context is not about good karma happening in this or future lifetimes. It is about having a good state of mind, which is a blessing than having a heart that is filled with vile and pettiness. Such molding of the mind is possible to have your future detract from the misfortune that your natal chart plots. Of course…there will always be a camp that believes you cannot escape from your misfotune…

Of course, I cannot expect everyone to be this nice, but if you can, this good fortune is a bonus for you.