Fortune Telling or Consultation…?

Event Reading at Veggie Singles Night located at Food#03 on 28 May 2010

I was asked by strangers like your taxi or grab drivers, newly met acquaintances and those who have not met for awhile at different occasions this question – What are you doing now?

I know by that, they meant to ask what is my occupation. There were many instances which fortune teller just shot out of my mouth. I have tried saying I am a metaphysics consultant (命理師) which got all the blank looks in the eyes in return. Whereas people understood immediately when I said I am a fortune teller (算/看命的) .

Some closer friends feedback to me that I should avoid addressing myself as a fortune teller because there is a strong social stigma and can generate misunderstanding. I couldn’t agree more. I often find the term fortune teller refers to a practitioner that believes everything is cast in stone and his role is merely revealing the divine secret (天機).

However, I do not subscribe to this belief. I do not believe everything is cast in stone. I believe the job as a metaphysics consultant is to employ the relevant technique to help the client to understand his potential and the up- or downtrend that is coming his way. The consultant and client will discuss and come up with the optimal way in handling the days to come. I also believe the genuine divine secret will be something really beyond the reach of a metaphysics consultant. But it has to be marketed this way so clients will find readers to be awesome.

Maybe I should start a a mini series of writing about Fortune Telling