Reflection – ST Jobs Fair 2019 Event Reading

STJobFair16Mar2019ST Jobs Fair was held 16 and 17 March 2109 at Suntec Convention Center. i was there providing reading for almost 2 full days.

In whichever systems that the world is running, by large, everyone has to earn their keeps. Hence, having a job is essential to most if not all people. Because some would argue running a business is not a job while some may argue it is. But I guess we can safely say we have to perform some sort of work, be it providing a product or a service, in exchange with remuneration that can come in different forms.

So a career or job related question is common in reading. There is an old Chinese saying “財為養命之源” which means Wealth is the Source that nurtures Life. Having this in mind, as practitioners, we can comprehend and understand our querents’ concerns better.

The beauty of Tarot reading is that due to how the cards are spread, the expansive meanings in cards and with the help of the illustrations on the cards, there are quite a handful of things that we can explore and describe.