Reflection – CNY Festive Event Readings

I have done my last CNY Event Reading for this year just last evening. I have done 10 days of readings for between 2 to 5 hours a day. I have done Face and Palm, Tarot, and Numerology Reading across 4 different events. 5 to 10 minutes per client depending on which event I was. Satisfying and fun at the same time.

The satisfaction is that I was quick in deciphering the features, cards or numbers present and able to highlight important points to the clients I have met. The fun part is that I was able to make myself either entertaining or helpful; or at times both.

CNY Event Reading has this auspicious factor to add on top of being entertaining in mind. The clients have to feel that they did get something not only helpful but hopeful (corresponding to the auspicious part) as well. This is not only about the reading skill of a practitioner but also being tactful and sensitive at the same time.

There were memorable readings: some clients that needed more patience to deal with; how I ‘wow-ed’ myself in reading a client’s marriage situation; and updating a client how are her siblings who have passed away (and I kid you not).

All in all, I hope all clients that have read by me did takeaway something useful.

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