Timing is an important aspect in both life analysis and divination reading. This is because in either system, querents are interested to find out when is a good time to do certain things or when will he or she meet his or her other half or opportunity.

Yes, opportunity.

That is also one way to understanding what timing can mean.

But how precise are we going to touch on timing? After all, a good timing can be in terms of a ten-year luck cycle, annual cycle, month, day and down to hours; depending on what the techniques a practitioner employs during a consultation.

There should be two considerations a practitioner should keep in mind when doing a consultation; firstly, what is the range of time that can be forecast by the technique used and secondly, understanding the querent’s intention and helping the querent to shape a meaningful question.

What is a meaningful question?

For example when I do Tarot card consultation, I may have a querent asking, “Will I be successful in life?”. Now, firstly we have to define what ‘successful’ would mean to the querent (which is another story for another day) and secondly, by when?

It is not meaningful to tell the querent, “You will be rich and successful!” without the idea of knowing when. Not that after knowing when means you are to lay back and wait for wealth and success to drop from the sky but it helps when you know the timeline you have to build yourself towards that window of opportunity.

So instead of asking “Will I be successful in life?”, I would guide the querent to instead ask, “Will I be successful in three years’ time?” or “Will I be successful by 32 years old?” When your question is asked in the suggested format, at least now you know the outcome card would mean at that time (three years and 32 years old). And if the spread you use has a position representing the near future or a halfway journey, now your spread has will be able to forecast 2 time slots.

There are also other ways to forecast time, one is using the elements of the outcome card. Usually the lesser dense element representing the outcome is to be happening soon. Like, Air means a few days, Fire means a few weeks, Water means a few months and Earth means a few years. I have also came across another version that ranges from a few hours to a few months.

Another way, which I preferred, is using the Astrological correspondence to each Tarot card. There should be a few systems but remember to be consistent with the system that you adopt. There are other divination techniques that may pinpoint the forecasting down to specific day but this would be what the Tarot unable to (unless you create some spread that can do so and verify it works after many readings). The smallest time range that a card can cover is a decan which is about 10 days.

Perhaps there are some other innovative ways of telling time using Tarot that I have not come across but I do hope that the above three tips will be relevant and helpful in your readings.