Who should get their Fortune told…?

Fortune_tellerI have shared briefly what fortune telling is, so who should get their Fortune told…?

Other than people who do not believe in fortune telling, actually, not all people who do believe is suitable to have their fortunes told.


Well, because life is tough and it is normal for people to hope for a better future that is waiting for them. Telling someone that the fortune is pretty average is not that sexy. But I did come across some people who accepts and enjoys life in plain and ordinary way. Maybe we will discuss what is plain and ordinary in future post. After all, it has always been taught in Chinese Fortune Telling that the purpose of fortune telling is to moving towards the auspicious and avoiding the inauspicious (lit. 趨吉避凶).

So the appropriate focus in a fortune telling session is that are there any bad things coming up and if there are, are there ways to avert them totally or mitigate the impact it can have on you. Even with this type of focus, we can have querents ended up worrying all day and as if looking forward for the inevitable to come.

I cannot emphasize enough that everyone, if not most, will meet varied types of inauspicious events. But the opposite is true too. Everyone, if not most, will meet varied types of auspicious events! These can be from paper cuts to picking up a twenty cent coin; getting into a traffic accident and broke a limb to gaining that promotion among fierce competition.

So what happens if there are auspicious things that are to happen? Seize the opportunity of the day! Get ready for it!

So who is suitable for fortune telling?

The type of querent who understands there are up- and downtrend of one’s life and ready to make plans for it.

The type of querent who will follow the advice given during the fortune telling session.

The type of querent who will accept that there can be situations that are near impossible to turnaround. Such is life.

And who are not suitable for fortune telling?

The type of querent that has unmatched expectation of his/her current situation with the projected future.

The type of querent who only wants to hear the good things.

The type of querent who believes the fortune teller sort of removes the inauspicious events by simply saying it out.

The type of querent who does not follow the advice of the fortune teller and keep asking the fortune teller why has the luck not improved?

But do you really have to follow all the advice of the fortune teller? I think it is important that the advices are making sense and not absurd things like giving up all of your assets or having sex with the fortune teller to remove your bad luck.

Fortune telling, like any other professions, have scams and half-learned out there milking in this trade. So while being careful of which fortune teller are you engaging, do think about whether are you suitable to be read too. There is not point spending the monie to get read and not having your fortune improved.