On Track…?

Are you right on track? Have you made any new year resolutions in the beginning of 2017 and able to check them off your list?

I am unable to. But I have to say, I did achieve a certain milestone, which is significant for me. Even though this milestone was set years ago, delayed, yet finally achieved.

I hope 2017 had been kind to you. 2017 has been a very fast paced year for me and I doubt I could actually check any of the resolutions off even if I had made them. I realized resolutions can be essential and I encourage you make some even if you may have difficulties in achieving them. Life can be hectic and I feel it will be a pity that we lose ourselves in that ever rushing tempo. We can use resolutions not only as goals invest in yourself but a type of grounding to connect with yourself.

Have a good 2018, connect to your being always.