Afterthoughts – SRRFM 47

srrfm47Had a short and eventful reading yesterday at the SRRFM 47 at the Marina Barrage. I was only there for the first 2 hours. I met a young man who is serving his National Service. He seems to be impressed with Tarot reading and we had a quick conversation.

Two things among what we had talked struck me. First, he asked me if I have just started out. I replied no and that I have been reading since 2009.

So my tarot reading is coming to the 8th year. Saying time flies may seems cliche but that did come to my mind. Another thought was that what have I been doing with regards to tarot reading these years? I must say I did have thoughts to work metaphysics full time in the past. But perhaps I have not been successful in building myself to be professional enough to get people paying me. Even till now, I have people come to me outside my SRRFM stint and expecting me to do it free or cheap. I like to joke at myself that perhaps it is because I have a very honest look. Haha!

Another thing was that he said he wish to learn reading and be like me that able to help others. I wasn’t moved when he told me that but I felt a little flattered after I left. While the meaning or purpose of life is really subjective, I guess I had somehow did my part a fellow human, that my little presence over that short period of time could inspire another fellow human being. It sort of reminds me what a friend had told me that we can only give another person our company and to be there for this person when needed. While I do not know this young man deep enough to give him my company, I guess that our presence, our identity actually matters. How you have conducted yourself to give the impression of what this identity you are possessing really matters.

Combining these two leads to another series of introspections, that, maybe I will share in another time when my thoughts are more settled.

And really, I get distracted by beautiful golden retrievers and not noisy crowd that comes with ‘live’performances. Haha!