Prediction for world events

I happened to read that one of a renowned Tarot teacher failed in reading the outcome of the American Presidential Election. She read that Hilary would win but the reality had manifested otherwise. It also reminded me of an incident of another renowned Tarot teacher that had helped her clients to read about the future for Brexit.

I usually do not read for world events like that for good reasons. Example for Brexit, it is not cast in steel that it will definitely happen. It would take about two years to actually happen and right now, the Supreme Court in England brought up a delayed Brexit due to a legal hitch. And who knows what would happened eventually that can even reverse Brexit?

And for the American Presidential Election, there are actually 218,959,000 that are eligible to vote. If we understand that Tarot, being a reflection of one’s inner universe, that despite, for this example, supposedly comparing Hilary’s and Trump’s future, that the decision for this position of President would actually be the sum results, through permutations of events that are decided by this many number of eligible votes.

So as much as I do believe Tarot is possible to read and forecast many things, it cannot possibly covers everything. If it could, it would actually mean that the future has already cast in stone. At least, from my perspective, our futures are definitely not. And we are still constantly creating new futures and many times repeating histories as well.

Therefore, I still prefer to use Tarot as way to improves a person’s future through working with this person’s introspect, and that is how a person’s future is shaped – through one’s mind and emotion processes.