So can I talk to people without using cards…?

A querent that I had met at one of the Singapore Really Really Free Market asked me – “so can I talk to people without using cards…?”

Well, I think I can…but wait.

Tarot reading is a skill I have gained over the years through reading for different people for different occasions including for myself. And the likelihood of me meeting a querent like the aforesaid is usually at an event. That also means that there is a very high chance that I do not know this person.

However, is my acquaintance of this person really matters whether can I talk to people? No, actually. But when I am deployed at an event to perform reading, I would choose to be professional enough to fulfill my role. I also believe that I am seen as an entertainer in when I am reading at an event.

Not that event reading would negate the authenticity of a reading session but we tend to manage the ambient through the way we communicate with the querent and avoid going down to deep a question, especially when the question is a heavy one. Another important factor is time. It is likely that there are other people waiting for the querent before me and therefore I need to be very mindful on the time spent on each querent as well.

So can I talk to people without using cards? Sure I can! But please do so when there are no querents so that I can honour my role well!