And here comes 2013…

Time flies and I know I have said it many times. And true to what I was told when I was 15 years old by a tutor, that time flies faster when we get older. With commitments manifesting in different forms and we are all busy with every other little things.

I’m amazed that I have not posted any writing for the whole of 2012. There are a few writings in my draft folder. This is one good way to keep myself in check that I was not focus in keeping this site alive.

Probably this can be a new year resolution for 2013. But is it too late to make a resolution in the 14th day of 2013? Well, if time flies, then anytime should be a good time to make a resolution that will guide us forward.

2012 was a busy year for me to attend some of my other concerns and so will 2013. But I guess it is manageable if I have clear priorities, directions and discipline. Sounds like going for a military operation aye? One of my resolutions for this year is to finish reading all the books that I have got for Tarot. Never mind that whether will I fully understand them but at least to have them read once and for me to go over them again. I feel that I have got good books! Haha!

It has been some time since I read at a public event and I really enjoyed myself at the Really Really Free Market at Hong Lim Park on 9 Dec 2012. It rained heavily in the early afternoon but everyone waited patiently for the rain to subside. Probably that’s just one way to test our patience and to humble us. Thanks for the fellow recommendation, I was kept busy for that few hours.

I have always find readings therapeutic.