Embracing 2012

So with yet another eventful year coming to a closure, are you prepared in stepping into the new one? Time moves forward and has never waited for anyone. It will be good to spend some time reflecting on the dos and the should-have-done and bringing closure. Try your best not to leave any loose ends hanging, you can, figuratively, tie them up or cut them away. Go into a new year without taking these emotional burdens along. You will probably having new ones coming up anyway.

Prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the good and bad times that lay ahead of you. We can see the good ones as returns of the good deeds that you have done and we can see the bad ones as purifying yourself spiritually. Whatever happens, when we have learn to accept and deal with them wisely, it will indeed be invaluable lessons learned.

No matter what happens, losing our cool is never going to make any situation better. So what can we do when we face a difficult situation? I will suggest the following steps:-

1. Keep a cool and calm composure — You will find it easier to keep cool and calm if you do meditation or other spiritual practices regularly. This is because meditation or other spiritual practices usually aims to let the practitioner enters a more relaxed state of the mind. So for some others who don’t, you can choose to tell yourself to breathe in deep and breathe out slowly.

2. Listen and pay attention — That’s right! Sometimes, the ‘brief description’ of a situation can be exaggerated and things may not be as bad as it sounds like. Pay attention and observe carefully to how the situation unfold. Sometimes, the solution can be found in the problem itself!

3. Accepting the situation — For whatever that is happening, it has happened. Denying the situation or finding excuses are probably our own egos trying to shun ourselves from taking responsibility. Without taking responsibility, we are unlikely to take charge in our lives.

4. Speak smartly — Do not speak unless it is anything that would be helpful. Blaming and sarcasm will only get yourself misunderstood further by others. Silence is golden, if there is nothing constructive to talk about.

5. Moving ahead by creating possibilities — This simply means finding solutions or alternatives to minimise the negative impact or solve the situation altogether. Sometimes, you need to work with people to come up with answers too. The solutions should be constructive and bring no harm, if not minimal, to anyone including yourself! Don’t be too hard on ourselves, love ourselves and move on into creating, attracting and bringing the many positivities that are awaiting ahead of us.

6. Closing an episode — So long you have done your best, give a pat on your shoulder! Review the whole episode and reflect if you could have done better. Close the matter in your heart and mind and move on.

Have a great 2012! Okay, have many great years ahead!!!