The year that is coming to an end!

It has really been a long while since I have updated my blog over here. What have you guys been up to? I hope everyone is doing fine. For those who are facing challenges, I wish that you will be able to overcome them and move on to a better situation. And with year 2011 coming to an end, I wish everyone will have a good 2012!

So what am I up to this time? Well, I will be giving Tarot card reading at China Square Central Weekend Flea Market starting this Sunday 4 Dec (right after I go for my 10km run at Standard Chartered Marathon!).

The Weekend Flea Market has been around for years and showcasing a wide variety of toy collectibles, antiques and other crafts.

My location for this month will be located at the 2nd level next to the bridge that links to South Bridge Court (also part of China Square Central). So besides getting a reading from me, you can take a walk in the Flea Market and get some ideas of gifts for the coming Christmas season!

I will be available on most Sundays starting from 4 Dec to end of February 2012 between 12pm to 5pm. However, to avoid disappointment, please text me @ 94354250 before you head down. My rates for reading in this Flea Market are as follows:-

Quick Readings
*SGD10 for 1 question
*SGD20 for 15-min consultation

Hope to meet old friends and make new friends in this Flea Market!

May the Tarot Divinities and Tarot Elders reveal guidance and insights…!