Closing of a Chapter

I participated in the last Free Market held at Rowell Road on last Sunday. The turnout was fantastic and I had sat at my little table for about 6 hours giving Tarot readings to old friends and new faces. The overwhelming crowd reminded me of my participation of the the first few Free Markets.

I’m glad that most people who were read by me had found had found my readings beneficial. I was distracted by a very loud bystander that caused me to lose my focus when doing a reading.Given my experience in reading at Food#03 and Post-Museum, I am really okay at reading in noisy places except when the source of noise stood so close to me and with that person talking on the top of his voice. I am not sure was he trying to pick up the young lady who was standing in the queue or just plain getting attention in a rather impolite way.

For the first time in my “reading life”, I told that particular person that he was very loud and had literally disturbed my reading. Thank goodness that he left without creating a scene. I didn’t mean to chase him away but had just wanted him to be more considerate.

A little lesson that I have concluded is that there are times we do have to stand up for the inconveniences that others may have brought to us. And if we don’t learn how to stand up to it, the inconveniences that we face may cause us to lose our focus and unable to produce quality work.

I also enjoyed the light conversations that I have with my querents.

The closing of Post-Museum and Food#03 marks the closing of a chapter in my “reading life”.
After all, I started reading publicly from there. I will miss the warmth and positivity from the people I have met there and with the experiences accumulated, I look forward to new adventures in my “reading life”.

It is only a pity that I forgot to take a photograph of my little table as a momento.