10th year and going…

This is a nostalgic post for me, sort of taking stock of how far I am on this journey of metaphysics from where I started.

I bought my first Tarot deck in 2007 (or 2006?) out of curiosity. As to exactly what I was curious about is something that I cannot recall now. I got myself a Universal Waite deck after I did some research online and remember the “Waite” being an original deck in contemporary Tarot. It was a few years later then I realized there is a difference between Rider Waite and Universal Waite. My bad. Anyway, I treated my first deck with a mixture of fear and awe. Fear, well, is it not uncommon that Tarot is often portrayed negatively in the media. Awe, is, how I am attracted and having a liking for the images on the cards. I read the small manual (some call it the little white book) that comes with the deck and could not quite figure out how it works. Soon, this deck was kept somewhere in my bedroom.

I have always been intrigued with the ability to foretell the future so some time in the second half of 2008, I attended a basic numerology class that was conducted by Mr Kelvin Khemery Wong.

I was hanging out at #Food03 at that time and very soon I practiced my numerology on my friends. Even with the basics, I was able to give an outline on the character of a person and the experience that one would get depending on their personal year. One of them suggested that I should read Tarot since it is also a ‘western’ metaphysics subject like the numerology.

Makes sense.

So I ran through my belongings and found my Universal Waite deck. I still could not quite make sense out of it and had wanted to learn from Mr Wong but he was not conducting any Tarot class during that time and he encouraged me to try it out by following the manual and I could check with him if I encounter problem while reading.

The very first Singapore Really Really Free Market on 18 Jan 2009

So that was how I started Tarot card reading from late 2008. I read for friends and patrons in the defunct #Food03, a social enterprise vegan cafe that supports an independent art space Post-Museum.  Very soon, I joined the Singapore Really Really Free Market that debut in January 2009 and appeared regularly for a good number of years. I also appeared regularly on Friday late nights at #Food03 giving readings with proceeds fully donated to The Soup Kitchen Project till the closing of #Food03 in Jul 2011.

I also joined the Singapore Tarot Meetup Group in 2009 and attended fairly regularly while the meetups were held at Coffee Nations at Bali Lane. I have met other enthusiastic readers in there and also had opportunities to practice my readings. Wen, one of the co-organisers, shared with me a quick way in determining a Celtic-cross reading and tips in using reversals (though I do not use reversal in my readings). This Meetup was founded by Mr Patrick Lee and succeeded by Mr Rowen Ong who is the current organiser for coming to 10 years.

Books 05 Aug 18
Three books that are new additions fairly recently and one old book that I should have mastered

I was largely self taught with some tips that I got from Mr Wong and other experienced readers from the Singapore Tarot Meetup Group. By self taught, it means that I read books beyond the small manual to improve my knowledge and skills.

Professional Validation held on 9 Jan 2010 at the Singapore Tarot Meetup Group

Till today, as I am recalling my journey, I am thankful and appreciate to the patience and acceptance of the people that I have met and read in #Food03, Singapore Really Really Free Market and Singapore Tarot Meetup  Group. It was barely a year since late 2008 that I had started reading for public and decided to go for the Professional Validation in Jan 2010. My Professional Validation was conducted by Mr Wong at January 2010 meetup session with the Singapore Tarot Meetup Group. I passed my validation.

From late 2013 to 2014, I have also learn a few Chinese metaphysics subjects from Mr Edwin Lee. Despite reading Chinese metaphysics online, these were the first times I was attending lessons proper. Mr Lee was genuine and legit in imparting his knowledge but I did not muster enough time, space and effort in practicing and internalizing all that I have learned.

In late 2015, I attended the Basic and Professional Numerology and Tarot courses conducted by Ms Renaye Chan and Mr Paul Kek, both are experienced and renowned practitioners in the field of Numerology and Tarot consultations. I benefited a lot from the Numerology courses. They gave greater depth in knowledge and applicable techniques in reading. And how a Numerology reading can value-add to a Tarot reading. I have also enjoyed the Tarot courses because throughout the learning, it helped me  verifying what I have done right till this point and also picking up insightful perspectives from both experienced practitioners.

Not wanting to give up on Chinese metaphysics subject, I have started attended classes taught by Master Andrew Tan since late 2017. Master Tan is candid, grounded and bags a wealth of practical experience for being an active practitioner of his crafts. I look forward to carry on my studies under Master Tan for the time being.

My 10th year in my metaphysics pursuit and I see myself going forward. Working towards a better situation that I can practice more often and regularly to better my crafts and experience.