Bidding Farewell to Post-Museum and Food#03

Post-Museum and Food#03 were started by Jennifer Teo and Woon Tien Wei back in 2007 and both spaces will come to a closure by end of July 2011.

I came to know about Post-Museum and Food#03 in 2008. Post-Museum and Food#03 are not just places for me to practice Tarot reading and serving the customers there with my reading skills but they have also played an important role in opening up my world-view and in a way push me to challenge my thinking and made me ponder on issues I might have not seriously considering upon.

I enjoy the hospitality and friendliness of both Tien and Jennifer; and also appreciates the new friends that I have met and made over the years.

I have to especially thank Tien and Jennifer who appreciate my reading skills and recognise me as the Food#03 Resident Tarot Card Reader since 2009 till present. I remember I started reading among for friends with a 2-card spread in late 2008. With Tien’s encouragement, I started reading on Friday evenings at Food#03 regularly for their diners (and I really appreciate how Tien, Jennifer, Gene and other staffs of Food#03 helped promoting my readings to the diners!) and have also participated the Really Really Free Market (Singapore) regularly to offer free Tarot card readings.

I am really grateful for the both of you who have aided me to become the Tarot reader I am today. I sincerely wish all the best to the both of you in your future endeavours and keep in touch!


Post-Museum and Food#03 will be closing down in stages.

I will be reading tonight (8 July) and next Thursday (14 July). I was told that there should be one last Free Market. If there is drinks available on the 29 July, I will be there offering my last bit of contribution too.

Tien and Jennifer, you rock!

Note: Updates on the closure of our current space, Post-Museum:-


5 July 2011

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and shows of support since we announced the closure of our current space.

We would like to update you that our last day in Rowell Rd will be on 31 July. We will be closing in several stages, beginning with Food #03 ending dinner service on 17 July, followed by office/studio spaces closing on 24 July; and lastly, Show Room closing on 31 July.

Since the end of June, we have held several fundraising events and we will continue to do so in our current premises. We will also be launching a crowdfunding programme very soon – being the first cultural and social space to do so in Singapore – so do look out for it and contribute!

Also, do come by and make sure you get a photo taken in our space by our official camera so that you can be part of our documentation of people we have been here.

Thank you again for your support and we look forward to spending these exciting last days in Rowell Rd with you!

Yours Faithfully,
Jennifer Teo & Woon Tien Wei

20 March 2011

Dear Friends,

We wanted to share with you that the lease for our current premises will run out in July this year.

After some long discussions and thinking with some of the stakeholders of our community, we have decided not to continue operating in our current format. Despite the discounted rent that the landlord has generously offered us in these three years, we have so far been unable to cover all our costs. As such, we have decided not to renew the lease of our current premises and are currently looking at options to continue our cultural and social work in different locations and formats.

At this moment, we do not have any concrete plans as we are busy with programming and fundraising efforts at Post-Museum. We are happy that several people have approached us with suggestions and offers, including our current landlord who is tying us up with various organisations such as Spa Esprit Group for free space and other support.

As mentioned, we are looking at the various options and are open to any suggestions or offers for Post-Museum. Please feel free to contact us if you have space, funds or other support to offer.

Furthermore, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supports us. We would also like to publicly thank our landlord for his continued understanding and support. Without all of you, Post-Museum would not have been possible.

On this note, we will be launching 2 series of exciting programmes at Post-Museum from March-July. We hope you will come and continue to support us in these coming months.

Thanks and look out for more updates soon!

Yours Faithfully,
Jennifer Teo & Woon Tien Wei

Note: News article from ST Life:-

Jun 27, 2011
Last hurrah for Post-Museum
By melody zaccheus, ST Life

An independent art space here will be closing late next month after four years. The Post-Museum, a private set-up known for edgy art happenings, is leaving its Rowell Road sh…ophouse premises in Little India after incurring annual losses.

Owners Woon Tien Wei and Jennifer Teo say the museum has been losing money yearly. They declined to say how much. This, despite their landlord, businessman Chua Ma Un, giving them a 30 to 50 per cent discount off the rent for the two 1920s shophouse units.

The couple, both 36, also declined to say how much the rent is. But according to a Straits Times report on the museum’s opening in 2007, the space was leased for $10,000 a month then.

The husband-and-wife team will not be renewing that lease. Ms Teo says: ‘We will be revamping Post-Museum’s concept. We plan to operate within a tighter space in future, although plans have yet to be finalised.’

Currently, the museum’s approximately 4,000 sq ft space also houses a deli bar, an exhibition-cum-performance space, a multi-purpose area and artists studios and offices.

While the museum charges admission for some events, it has been depending on donations for the past few years. In its last month, the owners will host activities and events every other day to maximise use of the space.

They also hope to raise $100,000 from donations and ticketed events. Funds raised will help cover their losses and determine if they can reopen the museum at a new space later.

Various organisations, such as local beauty and F&B brand Spa Esprit Group, have offered them free use of their space.

While Ms Teo will miss the place, she says it has been a fruitful four-year run. ‘We have achieved quite a bit during our time here. We’ve made art more accessible to the public and we’ve brought people from diverse walks of life together. I think we have shown the importance of having an independent art space for Singaporeans. Now, it’s time to move on and reconceptualise our social enterprise.’

The venue has played host to diverse showcases and workshops, such as performances by Japanese Fringe Theatre practitioners and the Singapore Really Really Free Market, a market offering free products and services.

Mr Gilbert Goh, president of counselling and career coaching portal, held a think-tank session there earlier this month. ‘It’s sad to see the place go. But it is pretty rundown and a revamp is what it needs to spice things up.’

Multi-disciplinary Filipino artist Mel Araneta, 38, who has held workshops and performances four times there in the past two years, finds it a pity that it is closing. On how the museum owners have always believed in his work, he says: ‘They gave me a platform to share my art with Singaporeans. I will have to look for other spaces to showcase my art when it’s gone.’

The closing fund-raising activities will kick off with a ticketed art mosh party called House Of Philia: Party For A Cause on Saturday. Local music stalwarts such as Bani Haykal from B-quartet and Lunarin will headline the event.

Ms Teo says: ‘Finance is always a problem for arts and cultural activities. But we aren’t looking at it too negatively. After all, it’s always healthy to stop and think about what we are doing and look for ways to improve ourselves.’