Feng Shui Audit

Fengshui AuditFeng Shui is one of the well known Chinese metaphysical subject and the practice of Feng Shui is not only limited within the Chinese community but earned its popularity in the West in recent years too.

A Feng Shui Audit studies how human co-exists with the environment and how such dynamic can influence a person in areas like vitality, health, wealth and relationships. A good Feng Shui Audit aims in helping the occupants to gain optimal benefits in their living space.

In recent times, principles of Feng Shui have been adapted to audit office, retail shop and other types of work space in hope to achieve harmony between human and space.

A proper Feng Shui Audit aims to examine if the space is healthy at the energetic level. This includes observing the forms outside of the auditing space, the Qi distribution inside the auditing  space base on the sitting direction and studying the stability of Qi by means of compass measurement.

The Feng Shui Audit services that I provide are:

– Choosing a suitable living and/or working space

– Auditing existing living and/or working space

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Feng Shui Audit is intended to offer an insight into a person’s personal life and meant for guidance only. These readings do not in any way, constitute legal, financial, or professional advice. By engaging in a consultation, you understand that Ser Ming does not diagnose illnesses, including questions pertaining to pregnancy and death. Ser Ming shall not be liable for any damages arising from the inability to use the services or from errors caused by negligence or otherwise.