Face and Palm Reading

Face Reading, also known as Physiognomy is a practice of assessing a person’s character, strength and weakness by observing the outer appearance on the face. From the Chinese way of Face Reading, it is also possible to tell potential incidents that may happen at certain area of life or at what age.

Palm Reading, Palmistry, or also known as Chiromancy is a practice of summing up and foretelling a person’s present and future by interpreting the lines and features on a person’s palms. The interpretations can include a person’s habit and possible future events. There are different schools attributed to the studies of these. I employ primarily from the Chinese tradition with a fusion of Western perspectives.

Regardless, I always remind clients that the features on either face and palms do change over time. For those features that do not change, treat them as reminder of the potential life lessons that are to come and be ready for them.

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